What is Scribble?
Scribble is a form of Creative Meditation.

It allows you to experience the advantages of meditation through a creative process. Unlike traditional meditation methods that may carry religious or social stigmas, Scribble offers an unconventional approach that is inclusive regardless of your age, skills, language, culture, race or religion.

What is scribbling?
To draw something without thought, meaning or purpose.

Peace of Mind for All.

Challenge: (Problem)
Scribble addresses trauma within our communities by using a simple and scalable healing art intervention that promotes Peace of Mind for All.

Product: (Solution)
Scribble Journal
(The Scribble Journal is the tool used to share the Scribble process and forms part of the Creative Meditation Starter Kit that is distributed to all participants.)

The process of Scribble facilitates a thought-less state, creating space and stillness within that contributes to your wellbeing.

To share Scribble with the world, as a creative meditation tool for self-care and self-expression that reconnects you to Peace.

The Scribble Journal invites participants to engage with the Scribble process and discover its healing qualities. Participants are guided to become still, in order to express on paper whatever surfaces in the moment, without thought or judgement. Residing in this space is meditative, playful and fosters openness, freedom and pure creative expression.
Why Scribble?
Scribble puts you into a meditative state. Meditation has been shown to offer general health, mental and emotional benefits, including:
lower blood pressure • reduced stress • better sleep • improved emotional regulation • increased focus • enhanced mood • reduced aggression • greater adaptability • healthier aging process • a greater sense of empathy • connection with others

Theory of Change:
Scribble -> Silence -> Less thoughts -> More feelings -> Feelings awareness -> Space around feelings -> Optionality during emotional conflict -> Different choices -> De-escalation -> New behaviour -> Healing

Target group:
Suitable for all ages. No art or drawing skills required.