/heartstrings/ : one’s deepest feelings of love or compassion.

“Nothing can spoil love, for all things are dissolved in it – the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It is the only thing that is its own eternity.” – Krishnamurti

The heart symbol is my favourite abstraction.
It celebrates a formless energy and acts as a pointer to something beyond our understanding.
It effortlessly evokes feelings and stirs emotions spreading its magic in the world.
It bridges language, culture, race, religion, gender and status representing a unified whole around a single concept that connects, changes and inspires us.


The Heartstrings_AF01 is a thread sketch print merging hand, machine and digital craft.

My process involves exploring the shades and natural movement of cotton threads and incorporating it with freeform hand and machine sewing techniques, allowing the piece to create itself. Through high resolution scanning and digital colour matching, I reimagine the handcrafted tapestry in digital format. I create a play between two seemingly opposing worlds, making it hard to distinguish what is real and what is not.
Imagining a world where dualistic aspects, like hand and digital craft, can live together as one.

You can email me directly to request a commission.