The Scribble Project promotes Peace of Mind for All.
I achieve this vision through partnering with corporate and social organizations who sponsor Scribble Journals and Scribble Classes to individuals and groups who would benefit from engaging in this creative meditation practice.

My ambition is to serve 300 community art facilitators by building an online accreditation system that empowers them to share the Scribble Creative Meditation process with 12 000 children across 130 communities in South Africa. I scale by offering FREE Creative Meditation Starter Kits to all beneficiaries in this network which is funded by social impact investments.

I hope to grow my networks and partnerships to impact and achieve this goal.

If you would like to sponsor Scribble Starter Kits please contact me.

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Scribble Classes have been held for a diverse range of people ranging from children’s homes and retirement villages to academics and scholars.