My name is Abigail Florence and I Scribble.

My multi-faceted creative life has been shaped by dance, music, performing and visual art.
My current roles as artist and meditation practitioner explores the Art of Nothing through silence and scribbling.

Playing around with colour and texture has been the foundation of my work as a decorator and designer. I have been involved in the creative industry in South Africa for the past 20 years from working on big interior decorating projects to running a small sewing studio. I have worked with a broad spectrum of people from diverse backgrounds ranging from NPO’s to the Presidency of South Africa. During this time I have practiced and explored different types of meditation having found who I am in Silence.

Scribble is a culmination of my exploration and discoveries within this space on both a personal and professional level. (Click the link for more information on Scribble)

Scribble addresses trauma within our communities by using a simple and scalable healing art intervention that promotes Peace of Mind for All.

I have first hand experience of the healing qualities of art and meditation and the importance of exercising your creativity, allowing me to connect with who I am.

I am currently pursuing a Humanitarian MBA through the Roxbourg Institute of Social Entrepreneurship while continuing to build my networks and partnerships in order to impact more people through sharing Scribble as a form of Creative Meditation. I delight in using Scribble as a positive change agent and look forward to Being with you. (Click the link for more information on my social impact work with the Scribble Project.)

About My Art

My art is channelled through silent moments.

Silence is the foundation of my creative approach.

Through scribbling on paper and mixing yarn on my palette I explore “thought-less” creating. I allow the shades and natural movement of line and colour to organically take shape into what it wants to be or not to be.

My creative expressions are both simple and complex, displaying an array of abstractions.

Thank you for visiting my website.
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You are welcome to email me directly should you be interested in my work.

I look forward to sharing my heart with you.